Like A Girl: 11 Books Series

Meet the team! A powerful group of awesome women that can do everything.

In this great collection we meet a group of women, describing in a colorful and fun way their occupations, encouraging young girls to seek whatever life goal they dream about.

Filled with vibrant eye-catching illustrations. The women present themselves using show-and-tell, giving us a glimpse into their amazing jobs and how they contribute to society around them.

LIKE A GIRL presents young girls with positive role models that encourage gender positivity. Using creative descriptions and colorful artwork, the book lays out a variety of exciting careers. Whether being a doctor, a public servant, perusing a STEM career and more.
Jobs and careers included: Astronaut, Mechanic, Doctor, Firefighter, Athlete, Bus Driver, Pilot, Farmer, Restaurant Chef and Programmer.

These picture books are perfect for little girls who have just started to read independently, as tuck-in bedtime stories while your little one listens, or as a read-along to practice the easy to follow storylines and colorful illustrations on every page. Boosting readers confidence while getting to know strong female characters.

Book 1: Meet The Team

Book 2: Astronaut

Book 3: Doctor

Book 4: Bus Driver

Book 5: Farmer

Book 6: Mechanic

Book 7: Programmer

Book 8: Chef

Book 9: Firefighter

Book 10: Athlete

Book 11: Pilot

Ann Can’t Sleep: A Bedtime Story Picture Book for Restless Toddlers

“The stars are out, the night is deep,
The bed is warm, but Ann can’t sleep.
Sleep comes easier with a friend;
She picks a toy, and tries again.”

Ann is a little girl with a BIG imagination. Every sight and sound are a call to adventure! … Which is a BIG problem when she’s trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Meg & Rob’s Witch Tricks: Book 2 – No Win With A Twin

The crisis doubles in Meg and Rob’s hut. A magical mirror accidently creates an identical raven to Rob and the quarrels and fights in the house won’t stop.

Will Meg overcome this difficult witch trick? Will she manage to figure out which one is her trusted raven Rob and which is not?

A lovely, magical picture book adventure for early readers about Meg the little witch!
This is a good-natured, instantly relatable fun read about a restless little witch and her trusted raven Rob. The two face a magical mirror accident which creates a twin to Rob, resulting in a fierce competition to reveal which of the two ravens is the real one.

Meg & Rob’s Witch Tricks: Book 1 – The Wicked Stew

Meg and Rob are having a challenging day. The little witch and her trusted raven, are trying to avoid their daily chores.
With an old and legendary witch trick at hand, they decide to conjure a servant goblin that will pick up the slack. Will they succeed?

This is a good-natured, instantly relatable fun read about a restless little witch, who will try to conjure up with her trusted Raven a servant Goblin to take over their house chores. Complete with an adorable story, beautiful 3D full-color illustrations, and a whimsical storyline (with a surprise ending), this is a cute playroom adventure picture book your kids will be asking for again and again. Perfect for boys and girls ages 4 to 8!