Like A Girl (11 books series)

by April Peter and Daniel Shneor

Meet the team!

A powerful group of awesome women that can do everything.
In this great collection we meet a group of women, describing in a colorful and fun way their occupations, encouraging young girls to seek whatever life goal they dream about.

Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle.

LIKE A GIRL presents young girls with positive role models that encourage gender positivity. Using creative descriptions and colorful artwork, the book lays out a variety of exciting careers. Whether being a doctor, a public servant, perusing a STEM career and more.
Jobs and careers included: Astronaut, Mechanic, Doctor, Firefighter, Athlete, Bus Driver, Pilot, Farmer, Restaurant Chef and Programmer.

These picture books are perfect for little girls who have just started to read independently, as tuck-in bedtime stories while your little one listens, or as a read-along to practice the easy to follow storylines and colorful illustrations on every page. Boosting readers confidence while getting to know strong female characters.

Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle.