Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef
Like A Girl: Chef

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Like A Girl: Chef

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Meet Charlotte the Chef! Charlotte and her kitchen crew are preparing for a busy day in her little restaurant, and you're invited to have a taste!

Using vibrant artwork and a show-and-tell narrative, Charlotte's story will introduce young readers to the joy of being creative and preparing delicious meals for friends and family.

Boosting young girls' self esteem while promoting curiosity, skills and ambition.
Beautiful vibrant artwork with an easy to follow show-and-tell narrative.
All books include a bonus for our playful readers: a collection of cut-out figures.
Like a Girl: Chef is part of a series that aims to boost young girls' self esteem, and to teach them about exciting future careers they can set their sights on. The series promotes curiosity, gender positivity, empowerment, skill, ambition, teamwork, and being an outstanding member of society.

As a bonus for our playful readers, at the end of the book you can find a collection of cut-out figures, which you can add to your own scrapbook, or use to re-enact the story on your own.

Grab your copy now and find out what's on Charlotte's menu today!

Great Series

“Like a Girl is a great series for young pre-schoolers to about age 8. It gives girls the positive message that they can do any job they’re interested in.”

– DT –

A Great Role Model for Girls

“Honestly, as a professional Chef myself, I don’t know whether it was me or my girls who enjoyed this book the most.

It tells the story of Charlotte the Chef and what her job entails in the restaurant that she owns. Something very similar to a real-life Chef/restauranteur does for a living. In addition, it comes with a cut-out and play section, helping kids to enhance their creativity.

Most of all, it is a great role model for girls, encouraging them to embrace career and enjoy what they choose to do in life.

I am eager to acquire the other books from the series.”

– Denise B. –

Fun to Read

“What a fun way for kids to learn what a chef is and does. Interesting and entertaining read. Good for kids to read!

– Granny Loves to Read –

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Language: English Language: English Language: English
ISBN: 9789657779088 ISBN: 9789657779316 ISBN: 9789657779194
Length: 44 pages Length: 44 pages Length: 36 pages
Size: 8x10 inches Size: 8x10 inches Size: 8.39 mb
Reading Level: 3-7 years Reading Level: 3-7 years Reading Level: 3-7 years

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