Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer
Like A Girl: Farmer

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Like A Girl: Farmer

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Meet Faith the Farmer! Faith wakes up early every morning to take care of the animals and crops on her farm, and you're invited to join her!

Using vibrant artwork and a show-and-tell narrative, Faith's story will present to young readers the joy of working outdoors, caring for animals, and growing organic fruits and vegetables.

Boosting young girls' self esteem while promoting curiosity, skills and ambition.
Beautiful vibrant artwork with an easy to follow show-and-tell narrative.
All books include a bonus for our playful readers: a collection of cut-out figures.
Like a Girl: Farmer is part of a series that aims to boost young girls' self esteem, and to teach them about exciting future careers they can set their sights on. The series promotes curiosity, gender positivity, empowerment, skill, ambition, teamwork, and being an outstanding member of society.

As a bonus for our playful readers, at the end of the book you can find a collection of cut-out figures, which you can add to your own scrapbook, or use to re-enact the story on your own.

Grab your copy now and get your hands dirty on Faith's farm!

Very Well Written!

“As a Farmer myself I appreciate that this book gives a realistic view to young minds on the hard work that goes into getting food to the market.

As a woman in a field that is traditionally male dominated I love that this sweet series takes a look at all the jobs any girl is capable of!”

– Darleen Sichley –

Accurate and Sweet

“As a farmer myself, I appreciate the accuracy of the daily events and chores of a farmer. I like how it goes through the seasons, letting the reader know that farming is a year round career, but with so much day-to-day variety.

The text is fun to read, and the pictures are so sweet. I love the cut-outs at the end too! I commend the authors for highlighting women in traditionally male dominated professions. We can do anything!”

– My Barnyard View –

A Girl Can Be a Farmer

“Faith provides a positive role model and encourages girls to dream about what they want to be when they grow up. I loved the cut out pictures at the end so girls can play with them, using their imagination and creativity.

This whole series provides girls with realistic and positive alternate career choices, encouraging hard work, imagination and empowerment. It is a great book for girls.”

– Suzanne Hare –

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Language: English Language: English Language: English
ISBN: 9789657779057 ISBN: 9789657779286 ISBN: 9789657779163
Length: 46 pages Length: 46 pages Length: 38 pages
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Reading Level: 3-7 years Reading Level: 3-7 years Reading Level: 3-7 years

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