Like A Girl: Programmer

by April Peter and Daniel Shneor

Meet Paige the Programmer! Paige is clever and creative, and she writes code for software that we use every day for work and fun. Would you like to hear her story?

Using vibrant artwork and a show-and-tell narrative, Paige’s story will introduce young readers to a modern tech professional and how her talents affect our lives for the better.

Boosting young girls' self esteem while promoting curiosity, skills and ambition.

Beautiful vibrant artwork with an easy to follow show-and-tell narrative.

Includes a bonus for our playful readers: a collection of cut-out figures.

About the Book:

Like a Girl: Programmer is part of a series that aims to boost young girls’ self esteem, and to teach them about exciting future careers they can set their sights on. The series promotes curiosity, gender positivity, empowerment, skill, ambition, teamwork, and being an outstanding member of society.

As a bonus for our playful readers, at the end of the book you can find a collection of cut-out figures, which you can add to your own scrapbook, or use to re-enact the story on your own.

Grab your copy now and learn all about Paige’s awesome job!

Sample Pages:
What people are saying about the series:

Fantastic Book!!

“In a time when girls (and boys) can be whatever they want, here is a book that introduces a very complicated (at times) concept and career to younger people – especially girls. This book is an attention grabber and would hold the interest of anyone middle school aged and older. Heck, some elementary aged girls (4th and 5th graders) might also enjoy Paige the Programmer.”

– mocha –


Encouraging Girls to Be a Programmer!

“Girls don’t see many women role models in a STEM career (ones in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The main character in this book is a woman programmer and she provides an excellent role model for girls. I applaud the authors for that!”

– Nina Lewis –



“I love these books. They are really cute and so encouraging for young girls who can do anything.”

– Dr. Patricia Eroh –

Don't miss out on this great girl empowerment book!
Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle.
Format Specs:


Language: English

ISBN: 978-9657779071

Length: 44 pages

Size: 8 x 10 inches

Reading Level: 3-7 years


Language: English

ISBN: 978-9657779309

Length: 44 pages

Size: 8 x 10 inches

Reading Level: 3-7 years


Language: English


Length: 36 pages

Size: 13.99 mb

Reading Level: 3-7 years

About the Authors:

April and Daniel are experienced animation artists. After spending years working on entertainment and educational content for children of all ages, They combined Their efforts to write and illustrate children’s books. Their latest book series Like a Girl is their contribution to the girl empowerment movement, hoping to reach out to future women with a message of endless possibilities and self-realization.